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How to Routinely Maintain Garage Door Torsion Springs

Garage doors are great. Most Houston home owners use them as second doors. As most homeowners know, garage doors work using torsion springs.

Garage door torsion springs store energy to help raise and lower the door safely. As its name suggests it is constantly under pressure. These garage door torsion springs maintenance tips will help you keep your garage door functioning smoothly for years.

What you will need

You will only need a good sturdy ladder, a file and a small can of 3-in-1 oil to perform the tips outlined in this guide.

Disconnect garage door opener power

Disconnect the power to your garage door opener and detach it from the opening mechanism.

Next get a sturdy ladder and get a closer view of your garage door opener's torsion shaft. This is the long bar at the top of your garage door that the torsion springs are wrapped around. At both ends of the torsion shaft you will find end brackets.

The torsion shaft will be inserted into a barring in the end brackets. Inspect this bar while lifting your garage door a few inches to ensure the torsion shaft rotates smoothly. If it does not, you will have to remove your torsion springs to lubricate it properly and this is best left to a garage door service professional. Do this same inspection to the other end bracket as well.

The next step is to check out the state of the center mounting bracket. This is the bracket where the two torsion spring's stationary brackets are bolted together. Ensure that the center mounting bracket is secure and that the torsion shaft rotates cleanly. If some build up has accumulated on the torsion shaft use a file to smooth it out.

Ensure that your springs remain stationary in the center mounting bracket as the door opens. If they do not, tighten the bolts securing the two springs together. Also, there is a bushing inside the two stationary brackets mounted onto the center mounting bracket. Apply a little lubricant to it if you can reach it.

Assuming your door is functioning properly and you had no problems with the previous steps, it is time to lubricate your torsion springs and their supporting hardware.

Apply garage door lubricants

You want to apply a small amount of lubricant to all moving parts including all the bearings, the tracks the door moves in and all wheel and shaft rollers. When it is time to lubricate the torsion springs a bit of caution must be exercised.

Lubricate the entire length of the torsion spring except the last inch before the winding bracket. Getting lubricant on the winding bracket can cause the spring to unwind itself. Open and close the garage door several times to properly diffuse the lubricant throughout. Reattach your garage door to the opening mechanism and plug the motor unit back into its power source.

Call the Houston garage door repair

If you do not feel comfortable or do not have the time to maintain your garage door opener yourself you should seek the assistance of a garage door springs service professional. Remember that torsion springs are under a lot of tension and can be dangerous. If your garage door opener is malfunctioning you may want to contact a Houston garage door springs repair service at 281-970-3667 instead of trying to fix them yourself.