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Garage door problems and how to fix them | Houston Garage Door Tips

Garage doors are the biggest moving objects in the home. They are designed to operate smoothly while opening or closing. And for most part, they do.

Occasionally, garage doors break down. They quit working with the remote control, create loud popping sounds when they open or close, or just refuse to operate.

When that happens, most homeowners may not know the necessary steps to take or the best garage door repair company to call. All garage door service companies are not created equal so who you decide to call could make a difference between having your door fixed right or spending several frustrating days wondering when your door will work again.

Every garage door is different. There are those garage doors that swing out, roll up, slide up to the side and those that slide to the side. Whichever type of garage door you have installed in your home or business, here are a few of the problems you may experience.

Sticking Garage Doors

This is one of the most common problems that affect garage doors. Garage doors sometimes stick during operation. They simply won't open. When this happens, the metal rollers and hinges are the culprits. This is usually easy to fix; simply grease or lubricate the hinges and that should fix the issue. The tracks may also be dirty and need cleaning. Clean the tracks, remove any clogs and ensure they are properly aligned.

Garage Door fails to open or close

If your garage door is having a tough time opening or closing, check the Springs to see if any of them is broken and need replacement. Garage door springs function to push up or pull down the door panel so if any of them is broken, the remaining springs may not be able to do their job. Replacing the Springs will usually fix the problem.

Garage Door Closes half way then reverses

This could happen due to a number of factors but the common reasons garage doors may close half way then reverse is that broken cable, misaligned eyes, dry rollers, bent tracks or worn and weak springs. Begin by looking for broken cables. Replace them if found. Also make sure the garage door sensors are aligned properly so they “see” each other. Realign them if you need to and ensure nothing is blocking them from “seeing” each other. Your garage door will not operate if the sensors are blocked. See if the rollers are dry and may need replacing and if the springs are work and need new springs.

Popping sound as garage door opens

When garage door let out popping sounds during operation, the rollers are worn. Replace the rollers and you eliminate the popping sounds. In Houston, Missouri City, Pearland, Memorial City, Richmond and Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Katy and sorrounding cities, call the Houston Garage Door Repair Specialists at 281-970-3667.