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10 Reasons to Install an Insulated Garage Door

Installing an insulated garage door offers many benefits to homeowners especially during the cold winter months. It keeps cold air and external noise outside and retains warm air inside the garage making the garage more comfortable.

As any Houston garage door specialist will tell you, insulated garage doors are the best garage door options. Here are the top ten reasons to install an insulated garage door in your garage.

Energy Efficiency

Insulated garage doors contribute to energy efficiency by reducing the heating energy bills. They prevent cold air from getting into the house minimizing the need for heating.

Stable Temperature

During winter, the garage is usually the coldest room in the house, with temperatures falling as low as freezing point. In summer, temperatures in the garage can become very high. An insulated garage door prevents temperature extremes in the garage.

Durability and Resiliency

Insulated garage doors are injected with polyurethane, which reduces the impact of objects on the garage door preventing dents and dings. This keeps the garage door looking great for a long time.

Comfortable Workshop

If you need a workshop, installing an insulated garage door will make your garage the perfect workshop for completing indoor projects in the winter. It also keeps the noise from the tools inside the garage reducing distractions to the other family members.

Noise Barrier

Insulated garage doors form effective barriers from external noise. If you live in a noisy neighborhood or near a busy street, you will appreciate this feature even more.

Heat Loss Reduction

An insulated garage door prevents the loss of heat and keeps cold air out maintaining a warm indoor atmosphere throughout the house during the cool winter months.

Extra Room

If you need extra room in your house, installing an insulated garage door in the garage will transform the garage into an extra room that you can use as a party room, home office or kids playhouse.

Storage Room

With an insulated garage door, the garage becomes the perfect storage room for extra furniture, art and other items in the house.

Property Maintenance

Having an insulated garage door protects your property from the effects of cold air. You will enjoy this benefit if you keep your art, furniture and other valuable property in the garage.

Quiet Operation

An insulated garage door has a quieter operation than a non-insulated one. Insulation reduces the level of noise produced when operating the door and reduces distractions to other members of the family.

With all these benefits of insulated garage doors, you will definitely find a reason to install an insulated Houston garage door. Insulated garage doors achieve the perfect air seal and thermal efficiency. Consult your Houston garage door specialist when choosing the best door for your garage and have it installed by a professional garage door service for maximum efficiency.