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10 tips for choosing a Houston garage door repair company

As temperatures in Houston and surrounding cities drop due to winter, it is important to ensure that you are dealing with reputable and local companies when it comes time to service, install or repair your garage door.

Below is a simple guide to follow when it comes time to choose a Houston garage door repair company.

1. Check online review on websites like Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other reputable websites. Be aware that just because a company has big advertising budget does not mean the company is better or will provide quality service.

2. Be careful of companies that answer their telephones using generic names like “Service” or “Garage Door Repair”. Locally based garage door repair companies like Saras Garage Doors will answer their telephones using the company name. This helps you know you are dealing with a local Houston company, not some out-of-town company that simply bought local telephone numbers. Call us today at 281-970-3667.

3. Further confirm that you are dealing with local businesses by looking them up at BBB website ( There you will find their addresses and local telephone numbers. This is important should you need warranty help. You can be confident you are dealing with a local establishment.

4. Comparison shop before settling on one company. Ask for price quotes from at least three companies. Ask also if they can come to your location and give you written estimates. This allows you to know that you are getting a good price. Remember though that lowest price does not always mean best service.

5. Get prices, estimates and other information in writing. Walk away from any company that refuses to give you written information. Reputable companies will not have any problem doing so.

6. Request references with names and telephone numbers. Ask for dates the jobs were done and call those references to make sure the company actually did the jobs they claim they did. Calling the references also allows you to confirm other claims made by the garage door service company.

7. Ask if the company you are considering has any on-going savings. Also go to their website , this helps keep your cost down and saves you money.

8. Most garage door repair companies provide same day service. This is beneficial to most people but it is important to weigh the benefits in your particular situation. Balance immediate and same day service against shopping around and the possibility of saving money. Depending on the urgency of your repair need, it may be necessary to shop around to ensure you are getting a good deal.

9. Check how long the companies have been in business. You want to make sure you are dealing with companies that have been around for a while and not just fly-by-night entities.

10. Call Saras Garage Doors, your Houston garage door repair company today at 281-970-3667 for all your garage door services.