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What to look for when your garage door won't move

There is nothing more frustrating in the morning than to wake up and find that your garage door will not work. This happens more often than you might think but the problem is usually very simple to fix.

Garage doors are designed for ease of operation so when something goes wrong and the doors will not open or close, finding the problem and eliminating it is a matter of knowing what to look for.

Recently we received a call from a customer who had a similar problem. This customer said he could not get his door to close completely. According to him, his garage door will close halfway and then reverse upward.

The first question we asked the customer is to check and make sure that there is nothing blocking the path of the garage door. As we suspected, there was debris on the way causing the door to reverse course.

Check your sensors

Debris on the path of the door is not the only reason a garage door might close halfway, then reverse course but they are the most common reasons.

Modern garage doors are equipped with “eyes” or sensors on both sides of the door. These sensors must see each other for the door to operate. The aim is to stop the door from completing its course when it senses an object on its path. It is a safety mechanism designed to prevent injuries, especially to younger children and family pets.

If your garage door reverses, check to make sure the sensors can see each other or are properly aligned with nothing blocking the photo lenses. If the eyes are blocked from seeing each other, your door will either not operate or will reverse its operation.

Check power source

Another reason your garage door may not move is if power is cut off. This is most evident when you push your remote or wall button and nothing happens. Look at the garage door opener and ensure it is plugged firmly into the power source. Also verify that the red or green light is steadily lit. If not, you may have problem with the power source. Only a garage door repair professional can effectively diagnose garage door power issues.

Sometimes, you may have a situation where there is a humming noise when you push the remote control button but no movement. This could be as a result of a number of factors that only a trained technician can diagnose. It is impossible to tell you what the issue may be without seeing the garage door.

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